We arrange courses and guided trips for kayaking paddlers of all levels in the amazing Nagu and Korpo archipelago.
Our guided trips include top of the range paddling equipment and sea kayaks plus meals. No previous kayaking experience is required. Our tour guides are all trained sea paddling coaches.

We are a small family enterprise. I, Jocke Enckell, guide most of the tours myself, while my wife Leila sees to catering. We use mainly locally produced food, organic whenever available. We share our home with two dogs, a small Havana dog, and a Lagotto.

We have Aavameri and Mykayak as our close cooperation partners.

You can book our kayaking trip package further down the page.

Three Days Sea Kayaking Package

17.8-19.8 | 31.8-2.9 | 14.9-16.9

Package including:

Our product package includes sea kayaking in Nagu and Korpo anchipelago, starting with basic paddling techniques. We welcome one to five persons at a time, for customized, individual instruction. All necessary paddling equipment, accommodation (two nights) and meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are included. The price is 510€ per person.

Our first day starts with the basics of paddling, some rescue excercises and finally a short trip. The second and the third day are for sea kayaking to various beautiful destinations, according to the weather and the team’s skill level. We have our meals al fresco.

In the evenings we have traditional sauna and dinner in the lodging. There is also a little pool for cooling.

You can develop your skills by different paddling techniques during the trip. We do not require previous kayaking experience, normal basic condition is enough. In case you are doubious about your condition, you can choose pair paddling, which is also recommended for families with small children. Always contact us in advance, so we can customize the trip for your children.

Our courses provide you with safe equipment, thorough knowledge of local conditions, and easy excess to the sea. After checking the basic techniques, we practise Greenland paddling compared to Euro paddling. Practising rescue techniques in more challenging circumstances is another option.

Course dates for 2018:

  • 17.8-19.8
  • 31.8-2.9
  • 14.9-16.9

Course program:

  • The course starts at Saaristotie 3718, Nagu, at 10 a.m
  • Accommodation: two double rooms, and a sauna bedroom in our home.
  • Introducing the contents of the course and equipment, followed by lunch. Then out to sea for basic kayaking skills and rescue methods, including eskimo roll and navigation, according to your wishes. After a short kayaking trip we return home, heat the sauna, and have a delicious dinner.
  • The second day is spent at sea, kayaking a little further, have al fresco lunch and afternoon coffee. At the end of the day, dinner and sauna again.
  • The third day includes a kayaking trip, lunch and coffee.
  • Our options for destinations are Brännskär, Gullkrona, Stenskär, and Pensar syd.
  • The courses end on the third day at 8 p.m. latest.

What to bring on a kayaking tour:

What to bring on a kayaking tour:

  • Clothes according to the weather
  • Spare clothes for the case that you would get wet
  • Sun protection if needed (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen)
  • Swimming gear and towel
  • Windproof jacket
  • A waterproof case for your phone (if you have one)

We supply you with a drybag for the tour.


Guided Tours and Winter Kayaking

We customize kayaking trips just for your needs. For information and invitations to tender, please contact Joakim Enckell,
You will always have a qualified sea kayaking coach as your guide.

We serve you in English, Finnish and Swedish. Coaching in German and French also available.

In case you prefer hotel accommodation, we recommend Hotel Lanterna, which also organize kayaking trips. Hotel website »

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